How a Short Sale Saves You Money

Last week we talked about how deficiency judgments work, and in what situations banks are authorized to seek a deficiency judgment. We also talked about how banks may be willing to waive their right to a deficiency judgment if the property owner chooses to go the short sale route.

This is just one of the ways a short sale can save you money. Lenders stand to recoup much more in a short sale than they do a foreclosure, which means they may be more likely to cut their losses, which saves you from having to pay the remaining value of the property. While they aren’t without costs of their own, short sales are less expensive than foreclosures. According to the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, the average cost of a foreclosure for a property owner is $7,500, which isn’t cheap. Depending on the severity of your financial situation and your ability to keep up with payments, the cost of foreclosure could be simply too much to bear, making bankruptcy the only option. By opting for a short sale, homeowners can avoid the costs of foreclosure and the threat of bankruptcy, and retain more control over their financial situation than they would in a foreclosure.




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