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Sell my House Martinsburg WV

When a person decides to sell their home traditional thinking says, lets call a realtor.  There certainly is nothing wrong with working with an agent, in fact my son is a licensed agent but the truth is that agents can do one thing and that’s list the property.   When you list a property with an agent that does cost money.  The average going commission is around 6% of the purchase price so at a bare minimum you will have that cost.  Although an agent wont tell you this,  this process takes time.  Some homes sit on the market for up to a year waiting for a perspective buyer to come along.  Who really wants to wait that long to sell a home ?

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Other then the wait:

  • What if a seller doesn’t have enough equity in their home to even pay an agent?
  • Perhaps the home needs repairs that the seller can not make?
  • What if the seller is even falling behind on payments?
  • Can they wait a year with no results?

That is what makes Gray’s Home Solutions different from any others.   We have solutions for all of these types of problems. When you are ready to Sell my House Martinsburg WV please give us a call at 240.347.3141.    When a buyer does eventually make an offer on your home do you think they will offer full asking price?    Most do not.   In fact most have very little money to work with so they usually ask the sellers for closing help.  This can be very discouraging when you have had your home sitting on the market for sale,   someone offers less and needs closing cost help.   You have a decision to make.   Most just want the nightmare to end so they end up selling just to move on.

Now here’s the kicker

Most of these buyers if not all need to get a loan,  so when they apply and get approved the lender will send someone out to look over the home.   After all it is the banks money so they want to be assure they are getting a nice home.    So when they come out to look around they usually always find a list of things that need to be repaired.    It could be a new roof, It could be chipped paint, it could be the wrong outlets around the sinks.   We have seen and heard it all.

When they form this nice list for you:  who do you think pays the bill?    That’s right,    Its your home so you get to pick up the tab.   Do you know that even after you make the repairs its not a 100% done deal?   Some lenders are good at finding a credit issue with the buyer at the last minute,   We see it all the time.

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If that’s not enough to deal with I don’t know what is!   Gray’s Home Solutions offers a better way.   We know what problems and issues lay ahead  for sellers and that is exactly why Darren & Jerred Gray formed the company.    They really are changing the way real estate is done.  IF you would like more information on  Sell My House Martinsburg WV  just give them a call at 240.347.3141 or visit the website and Listen to what others are saying

Gray’s Home Solutions has solutions for all types of problems.   No matter if your house needs major repair,  we will pay cash and purchase “ AS IS “.    If your home has no equity.   No Problem,  We will get results quick!    They offer a free service, and offer a free consultation !    How can you go wrong by listening?   When you think you are ready to sell my house Martinsburg WV just give them a quick call to start some immediate action.   No sitting around for months waiting on offers to come in.  We collapse the process to weeks and days.   We get speedy results !    More information on selling your house fast.