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How To Sell Your House in Days Instead of Months

So you want to sell your home – fast. Tired of tapping your fingers on the windowsill waiting for potential buyers to come on by. Sick of relying on your real estate agent to close the deal, or through with trying to list the property on your own. We understand. And we’re here to help you learn how to sell your house in days instead of months.


Working with a real estate investor is the no-nonsense approach to selling your house. We like to call if “factory direct.” Real estate investors eliminate the hassle of a middleman and take the burden of self-selling off of your chest. Here are a few of the benefits of working with a group of experienced real estate investors:

  • No need to pay the commission and fees associated with real estate agents
  • Eliminate the headache of making costly repairs and updates to your home before selling
  • Sidestep the process of showing your home to strangers
  • Stop having to pay a mortgage that you no longer want or need.
  • Don’t undergo a waiting period to see if financing goes through.

It’s pretty simple: real estate investors make your life simple by getting your property sold quickly. Grays Home Solutions can help you sell your home in days, not months: give us a call at 240-347-3141.

To learn more about how to sell your home in days instead of months, please download our ebook today!

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Sell your House in Maryland Quickly and Conveniently

Some houses sit on the market for longer than it takes the winter to end: that is, for months. Maybe it’s a fixer-upper that just needs too many fixes. Or an outdated rancher that looks like a shrine to the 1960s. Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying: there are certain properties that just don’t sell easily.

At least, until now. As real estate investors, it’s our specialty to buy even the most “un-buyable” houses out there. Neighborhood not up-and coming? Not to worry. Repairs overwhelming? We’ve got you covered. Maybe the property just needs a bit of curb appeal – whatever the case, we’ll take on any project.

Whether you’re a real estate agent in Maryland having difficulty pushing a property, or a homeowner listing your place independently and struggling to make a sale, we can help.

Have one of those “un-sellable” white elephants in your book right now? Call me now at
240-347-3141 so we can get moving IMMEDIATELY.

To learn more about our processes, check out the information on our website for homeowners and real estate agents!

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Affordable Homes for Sale in Maryland: Real Estate Selections

brickcolonialIf you fantasize about owning a home that looks like it belongs in the quaintest storybook you can think of, we’ve got the property for you. Located in Hagerstown, Maryland, this pretty little piece of real estate looks small, but has a total of six sprawling bedrooms. At 1,854 square feet, this two story brick home with a darling exposed chimney and attic-level eyebrow window is jam packed with charm.

Inside, you’ll find beautiful hardwood floors andbrickfireplace molding, with an entry room that boasts a brick fire place to keep you toasty warm. With ample parking space, this 1950s Colonial will be perfect for entertaining. The unfinished basement has its own access entry, making it an ideal place to convert into an apartment for added income opportunity. There’s nothing not to love about this vintage home in Hagerstown, Maryland – least of all the price: it’s listed for a mere $ 149,900.00

Feel free to request more information on this property by filling out Grays Home Solutions contact form here.  Take a tour for yourself, and view the property details for more pictures and details on this Hagerstown home.

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Facing Foreclosure in Maryland? There’s a Solution

Facing a foreclosure in Maryland – or anywhere for that matter – can be as inundating as a flood. But don’t worry – there’s a way to help you avoid feeling like you’re drowning over the prospect of losing your home. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why sellers go into foreclosure as a result of no longer being able to make payments on their home, including:

  • Facing unemployment
  • Taking medical leave at work
  • Having overwhelming amounts of debt
  • Struggling with expensive bill payments
  • Divorce or disagreement about ownership
  • Transferring jobs to a new state

What you may not know is that regardless of the reason why you’re facing foreclosure, there are several steps you can take to alleviate the process. Those include:

  • Reinstating the Loan: Pay off the loan current, including back payments, late charges, and any attorney fees, halting foreclosure.
  • Forbearance: Make arrangements with the lender to bring the overdue payments current, and cease or postpone legal action.
  • Loan Modification: Negotiate with the lender in order to modify the terms of the loan, including adjustment of interest rate, extension of loan period, or adding the delinquent portion and fees into the principal of the loan to be paid over time.
  • Mortgage Refinancing: Generally only an option for individuals with impeccable credit records who are obviously only undergoing a temporary setback, mortgage refinancing can also be an option to end foreclosure. Most people facing foreclosure who attempt to apply for refinancing will either be denied or face very high interest rates, so this isn’t the best solution.
  • Sale of Property: Many investors will buy homes facing foreclosure and close quickly, usually at a cost that is under market value, and without charging commission fees.
  • Bankruptcy: Though many will declare bankruptcy when facing a foreclosure, it is little more than an act of buying time, and usually the house always goes up for auction anyway, thereby leaving both a bankruptcy and foreclosure on your credit report – a double negative.

If you’re facing a foreclosure in Maryland, we can help: call us today at 240-347-3141 for a free and confidential consultation regarding your foreclosure. We can help walk you through your options, and develop a solution to protect your home, your family, and help you to avoid accruing penalties and legal fees in the face of a foreclosure. Since we’re not associated with a real estate agency, there are no fees or commission costs associated with our services. We look forward to helping get you afloat again during the struggle of facing a foreclosure in Maryland.

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