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How to Stop Foreclosure in Washington County

Are you a homeowner in Washington County who is facing foreclosure? You’re not alone. Maryland has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation right now, and foreclosure activity has only decreased by 1 percent compared to February of last year, according to RealtyTrac. One in every 564 housing units in the state has a foreclosure filing.

If you’ve tried everything to stop your lender from foreclosing but haven’t had success, you may feel like you’re out of options. But you’re not. Grays Home Solutions is a home buyer who has helped homeowners in Maryland and throughout the Tri-state area put a stop to foreclosure, even at late stages of the filing. If you’re running out of time and don’t know where else to turn, we can help find a solution for you. Here’s how we do it.



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Stop Foreclosure in Maryland Now and Sell Your Home

Are you facing a fast-approaching eviction date because of foreclosure? Wondering if you have any options left at all? The less time you have until the foreclosure is complete, the fewer options you have. But, it’s important to know that you still have options available. In fact, you could walk away from your home by this time next week and potentially get paid for your home in cash.

We know this might sound too good to be true, but it’s 100% not. We’ve helped homeowners throughout Maryland who were facing foreclosure to sell their homes fast and get out of a situation that they at one point thought was unavoidable. Our goal is to provide a solution for you that will put a stop to foreclosure and help you sell your home now.

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Stop Foreclosure and Sell Your Home Fast in Hagerstown

If you’re facing foreclosure and things are coming down to the wire, you know you need to act fast. You also might feel like you’re out of options. Maybe you’ve refinanced several times and have two or three mortgages that you just can’t keep up with. It’s definitely too late to sell your home using a traditional realtor, and even a short sale can take many months. Some choose to file for bankruptcy, but this might only prolong your situation, not get you out of it.

There is one option you may not have considered, or you might not have even been aware of: selling your home in the next 7 days. Not possible, right? Actually, it is completely possible, and we’ve been helping homeowners in Hagerstown and throughout Washington County do it. In this week’s blog, learn more about a home buyer that can help you sell your home faster than you ever through possible and stop foreclosure in Hagerstown now.

sell my house Hagerstown


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How to Find a Home Buyer in Martinsburg West Virginia

Have you been trying to find a home buyer in Martinsburg, West Virginia to buy your home fast? Finding a traditional realtor who will buy your home fast is not likely. Even a short sale probably won’t cut it if you really need to sell your home fast. And by fast, we’re not talking about next month. We’re talking about next week, or in the next few days.

You might be facing foreclosure, moving away, trying to get rid of an inherited property, or any number of other situations in which you need to make a fast sale. And while traditional real estate outlets won’t get the job done, there are options available. Learn how you can sell your home fast in Martinsburg with Grays Home Solutions.

sell home for cash Martinsburg


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Can I Use a Loan to Stop Foreclosure?

Are you facing foreclosure? One option you might have considered is refinancing your loan or taking out a reverse mortgage to put a stop to the foreclosure. These are both strategies that have been used by homeowners to avoid foreclosure. However, they do have a number of risks associated with them. In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about some of the risks that come with using a loan to stop foreclosure, and an alternative that you might want to consider.


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