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Stop Foreclosure in Maryland

Stop foreclosure and save your credit!


Foreclosure can be avoided. There are times when life doesn’t go quite as planned but that does not mean you are doomed to a path of poor credit with no options.  Time is of the essence  if you are falling behind so taking advantage of Gray’s Home Solutions’ free consultation as soon as possible is the best thing you can do to save your credit!  Before you spend money on an attorney or assume it is too late, it would be in your best interest to give the home buyers at Gray’s a call.  There is no obligation and you will immediately understand your options.    Sell My House Today

Whether you are facing divorce, health issues or other unfortunate circumstances, Gray’s Home Solutions can help you find a way to save your credit and move on so that even if you walk away from your home, you could have a fresh start without the hassle, stress and loss involved with foreclosure.

Time and time again, people who have endured foreclosure report that they only went through with it because they thought they had no choice.  They did have a choice.  They just didn’t know their options.  Those are the people Gray’s Home Solutions can help

We Buy Houses Maryland | 240-347-3141 | Specialize in Fast Sales

We Buy Houses Maryland

When you decide to sell your home call Grays Home Solutions @  240.347.3141   A local family owned business,  Gray’s Home Solutions is one of the only full service real estate companies in the Tri-State Area.  The company offers a free service with a free consultation to come up with a battle plan that will work for you.  Get My Offer Now     We Buy Houses Maryland is only one of many services the company offers.  In 2010 when the company added son Jerred Gray a licensed real estate agent with his innovated ideas the company exploded.

Jerreds Card Pic

Real Estate Professional/Agent Jerred Gray adds new solutions to local real estate company.

We Buy Houses Maryland , Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  Located in Middletown, MD  the company offers services for the complete four-state area.   If you want to sell your home I highly recommend you give them a call @  240.347.3141   They have a long list of clients that you can hear from on the videos provided on the website.  I want to hear now !

Gray’s Home Solutions is a company that specializes in quick sales.   Whether you have equity, your house needs repaired, facing foreclosure, or whether your home is in prestige condition,  the company has a plan for you.  We Buy Houses Maryland



Sell My Home Fast Maryland

Sell my home fast Maryland | 240-347-3141      


Selling a home can be time consuming and stressful.  Selling under additional stress (repairs, settling an estate, needing cash for life’s unexpected turns etc.) can therefore be downright overwhelming.  Gray’s Home Solutions removes the intimidation and out-of-pocket costs from the equation resulting in an easier experience for the seller.  In addition, we sell your home fast!

Why Gray’s Home Solutions?

You have probably seen our signs and commercials.  We are reaching out to those who don’t know their options therefore ultimately feel frustrated. Traditionally, you would have to list your home with an agent or call an auction company unless you wanted the daunting challenge of selling privately. As a result, sellers often felt trapped since those options were not always best for them.  Admittedly, there are times when a listing agent is a great asset.  We have one on staff for when a traditional listing is the appropriate option for a seller.

Most importantly, as experienced home buyers, we recognize the many unique real estate needs of our sellers. As a result, over the past seven years, we have developed options and solutions for those people.  We pride ourselves in being the area’s leading company for assisting sellers with navigating the challenges they face.

There are never any fees or obligations when we review your situation.  Consequently, the seller has no added stress when contacting us to run numbers.  Especially important is the support and peace of mind we offer by helping sellers see what  decision can best benefit them.  for a no obligation analysis of your property

Gray’s Responds to sellers

We have asked people who faced foreclosure or left their house on the market for a year or more; “Why didn’t you call Gray’s Home Solutions?” Here are the most common answers we receive followed by our responses:

  • “Due to the fact I owed more than my home was worth, I assumed no one could help”
  • “My home was in terrible shape and I knew I didn’t have the means to fix it”
  • “I had no idea that there were options beyond my agent or selling privately”
    • The truth is; even agents don’t always know there are other options. They are offering their service in a professional, traditional manner but unfortunately not always yielding results. 


We really do understand the issues faced by sellers. That is exactly why we (Darren & Jerred Gray) formed Gray’s Home Solutions.    Gray’s has changed the way real estate is done.  In conclusion, we accept there will always be competitors offering real estate services. Therefore, we encourage you to compare their experience and services to ours.   We stand by our reputation and proudly boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our most recent television commercials:

-IF you would like more information on Sell my home fast Maryland, just give Gray’s Home Solutions a call at 240.347.3141 or visit the website and Listen to what others are saying

Sell my House Martinsburg WV | 240.347.3141

Sell my House Martinsburg WV

When a person decides to sell their home traditional thinking says, lets call a realtor.  There certainly is nothing wrong with working with an agent, in fact my son is a licensed agent but the truth is that agents can do one thing and that’s list the property.   When you list a property with an agent that does cost money.  The average going commission is around 6% of the purchase price so at a bare minimum you will have that cost.  Although an agent wont tell you this,  this process takes time.  Some homes sit on the market for up to a year waiting for a perspective buyer to come along.  Who really wants to wait that long to sell a home ?

Click Here to get a free analysis of your home.

Other then the wait:

  • What if a seller doesn’t have enough equity in their home to even pay an agent?
  • Perhaps the home needs repairs that the seller can not make?
  • What if the seller is even falling behind on payments?
  • Can they wait a year with no results?

That is what makes Gray’s Home Solutions different from any others.   We have solutions for all of these types of problems. When you are ready to Sell my House Martinsburg WV please give us a call at 240.347.3141.    When a buyer does eventually make an offer on your home do you think they will offer full asking price?    Most do not.   In fact most have very little money to work with so they usually ask the sellers for closing help.  This can be very discouraging when you have had your home sitting on the market for sale,   someone offers less and needs closing cost help.   You have a decision to make.   Most just want the nightmare to end so they end up selling just to move on.

Now here’s the kicker

Most of these buyers if not all need to get a loan,  so when they apply and get approved the lender will send someone out to look over the home.   After all it is the banks money so they want to be assure they are getting a nice home.    So when they come out to look around they usually always find a list of things that need to be repaired.    It could be a new roof, It could be chipped paint, it could be the wrong outlets around the sinks.   We have seen and heard it all.

When they form this nice list for you:  who do you think pays the bill?    That’s right,    Its your home so you get to pick up the tab.   Do you know that even after you make the repairs its not a 100% done deal?   Some lenders are good at finding a credit issue with the buyer at the last minute,   We see it all the time.

sell home fast cash MarylandSell My House Martinsburg WV

If that’s not enough to deal with I don’t know what is!   Gray’s Home Solutions offers a better way.   We know what problems and issues lay ahead  for sellers and that is exactly why Darren & Jerred Gray formed the company.    They really are changing the way real estate is done.  IF you would like more information on  Sell My House Martinsburg WV  just give them a call at 240.347.3141 or visit the website and Listen to what others are saying

Gray’s Home Solutions has solutions for all types of problems.   No matter if your house needs major repair,  we will pay cash and purchase “ AS IS “.    If your home has no equity.   No Problem,  We will get results quick!    They offer a free service, and offer a free consultation !    How can you go wrong by listening?   When you think you are ready to sell my house Martinsburg WV just give them a quick call to start some immediate action.   No sitting around for months waiting on offers to come in.  We collapse the process to weeks and days.   We get speedy results !    More information on selling your house fast.


How To Avoid Foreclosure in Germantown

You can learn How To Avoid Foreclosure in Germantown by contacting us @ 240.347.3141 or clicking this Fast Response Form

How To Avoid Foreclosure in Germantown

Company Helping Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure in Germantown

Today’s real estate market can be stressful and unpredictable. traditional advice says fix up the home, hire a realtor, pay for advertising, schedule open houses, wait for an offer, negotiate the offer, have a home inspection, repair those items, give concessions at closing, pay the realtor’s commission….   Anyone who is trying to sell a house knows what a slow, expensive process it can be.  This makes me tired just writing about it !    If you need to sell your home and you would like it sold fast I recommend calling Gray’s Home Solutions  240.347.3141 or fill out a Fast Response Form  to get a “FREE” No Obligation Offer Today.   Gray’s Home Solutions also has a free consultation where you can learn much more about How To Avoid Foreclosure in Germantown.  In addition to market changes, homeowner finances can be strained by any number of events, including divorce, a change of jobs, relocation demands or medical bills. Even an inherited home can be a burden if the new owner doesn’t decide to live in it.  Insurance, upkeep and property taxes still need to be made while the house sits on the market.

Free Service and How To Avoid Foreclosure in Germantown

The great thing about Gray’s home Solutions is that they offer a free service !  Yes you read that right!  Not only do they not charge sellers for their service in most case’s they even pay for closing cost.  You get to pick the closing date, you will be asked to make no repairs to the house.  They really do make real estate simple.  You can listen for yourself what others have to say about the company.    By embracing new, innovative and proven methods, these real estate experts are able to help homeowners sell quickly and fairly.  Area residents are probably familiar with the friendly, smiling house seen on Gray’s Home Solutions signs.  The Middletown, MD based company offers various options, since no one approach is right for everyone.  This multi-solution approach is what makes the company so unique, and so successful.  If you would like to learn more about How To Avoid Foreclosure in Germantown just give them a call @  240.347.3141  or visit them on the web.   “I can’t tell you how many homeowners we’ve helped that others said were doomed.  We’ve helped folks avoid credit killers like short sales or foreclosures, sold houses in so-called bad neighborhoods and got fatigued landlords out of their rental properties, ”  says Jerred.     “In many cases, we are able to help these sellers in under a  month. One of our colleagues says we’re like real estate pros on steroids,” Darren jokes. How To Avoid Foreclosure in Germantown.   Here is more information on foreclosures.

Sell My Home Fast in Frederick, MD

Solutions for Doomed Homeowners !

After taking out a second loan and a shifting market Pam Jones found herself with no equity in her home.   How on earth could she sell a home that was upside down?   If she owed the bank more money then her home was worth, she surly couldn’t add the additional expense of paying an agent a commission to sell and stick money in the home sprucing it up, making mortgage payments on a home that was vacant, paying the taxes, and forking out money each month in utilities just to keep the pipes from freezing.   You can see why she felt a little doomed.

We see this all the time.  What Mrs. Jones didn’t realize is that she was not alone.  There are many homeowners out here who cant afford to have a home sit idle on the market for months waiting for a buyer to come along.   Do you think buyers are going to pay more then the home is worth ???    Its not going to happen !     Gray’s Home Solutions was formed to solve these types of problems.   We have become experts in the real estate industry.  When you can solve these types of problems in just a few days…..   You surly have the ability to sell a nice looking home.  That is where we are a little different from any others.  We are a full service real estate company with the ability to serve you no matter what.

Its incredibly easy to assume and judge a company by a roadside sign you may see.   Unfortunately we here what others have heard from others and so on…. I urge you to ask Mrs. Jones what she has to say after giving us a shot.  You can ask any client that has called us, whether they have used our services or not.   They were treated with respect, received solid answers, and knew a lot more about real estate and their options then they thought was possible.

We have videos, pics, testimonials, and reviews from sellers that you can view.  We are a local company and offer ” FREE CONSULTATION ”     I ask you not to judge until you have made your call.    This father and son team is here to help you.

You can reach Darren Gray or Jerred Gray @  240.347.3141




Grays Home Solutions Recognized for Helping Local Homeowners

This father and son team means business

Grays Home Solutions helps with problem properties

Father and son Darren and Jerred Gray have launched Grays Home Solutions LLC to help in the sale of problem properties.* What led you to launch this business?

Seeing so many foreclosures in the newspaper and having had friends and family members lose their homes due to uncontrolled circumstances.

* What is unique about it?

It is free and it offers solutions to problems that others have failed to help with.

* What do you do that nobody else does?

(1) We offer a free service.

(2) We purchase homes in as little as seven days.

(3) We have options for sellers that others do not.

* Why do you believe you’ll be successful?

(1) There will always be a demand for our service.

(2) It serves the community well.

(3) It serves the well-being of ones in an unfortunate situation.

* Tell us something specific about your business field, who your customers are or how you see a new business doing in a challenging economy.

We are a local company based in Middletown and have developed a unique system to purchase “problem property” in the area — a home that is an eyesore to others and in need of repairs or the home is in a negative equity situation. Either of which the sellers want to move on with life and are having difficulty finding a buyer for the home. We offer quick and free options and can in most cases purchase these homes in seven days or less.

The challenging economy is exactly why we have developed this system where conventional thinking has failed.


Should You Buy A Home or Not ?

Are You Really Ready to Buy a Home?

Maybe, maybe not. Ask yourself these questions before deciding.

Stock image of a young couple admiring a new house.

Homeownership isn’t right for everyone.

Let’s say you’re a veteran renter and you’re getting tired of seeing your money go straight to your landlord’s bank account. You want to start building value in a home of your own and the thought of buying a house is becoming more and more tempting.

Should you do it?

It depends. Homeownership isn’t a sure path to building wealth if you’re using a mortgage like most homebuyers do. The truth is: You’ll be paying a lot and not getting anything in return in the form of mortgage interest, mortgage insurance, property taxes, property insurance, homeowners association fees and home maintenance. All of that money simply vanishes – the only part that actually builds wealth for you is the tiny fraction of your mortgage payment that goes toward your balance.

There are actually many financial and life situations where renting is by far the better deal, just as there are many financial and life situations where buying is the better deal.

One great step to take is to use this handy “rent versus buy” calculator. It’s a spectacular tool for helping you run the numbers and figure out if you’re ready to buy a home on paper. But on paper is just part of the story. Are you really ready for homeownership? Do the realities of your life make you ready?

Ask yourself these questions before deciding.

Q: Are you planning to live in the area long term?

During the first few years of a mortgage, homeowners build very little equity in their home. The portion of their mortgage payment that actually goes toward the principal of their mortgage is tiny, meaning that after a few years, you still only own a tiny fraction of your home.

Thus, if you’re only planning on living in the area for a short while, you’re almost always better off renting. The value of home ownership doesn’t reveal itself until you’ve lived there for a while.

Q: Am I able to save a significant amount each month for a down payment?

Homeownership comes with many more costs than does renting. As a renter, virtually your only bills for your living space include rent, utilities and renters insurance. If you’re a homeowner, you’re contending with your mortgage bill, mortgage insurance, property taxes, homeowners insurance, homeowners association fees and all of the maintenance costs that come with a home.

If, as a renter, your financial state is so tight that you’re unable to save much each month for a down payment, then the costs of homeownership would likely stretch your budget substantially beyond what you can afford. The ability to save a significant amount each month for a down payment is a great litmus test as to whether your finances are ready to deal with the costs of homeownership.

Q: How will my commuting costs change?

Quite often, you’ll find people who are renting properties that are fairly close to where they work, but then buy a home that’s far from work.

If buying a home means you’ll no longer be able to walk or bike to work, your commuting costs are about to skyrocket. Even if you can take mass transit from your new location, you’re still going to be footing the bill. Your reliance on a car may now go up, if your move puts you farther from grocery stores and other necessary amenities.

Include the cost of transportation changes in your calculations or else you may find yourself in a very rough spot.

Q: Am I overreaching?

Even after thinking through these questions, people still often fall in love with a home that’s simply beyond their budget. If they dive in, they may find themselves walking the tightrope for many years as they deal with the burden of an enormous mortgage and high additional expenses.

Yes, this can pay off if everything goes perfectly, but when is life perfect? If you’re buying for the first time, you’re far better off in a reasonably priced home that will still grow in value while giving you some financial breathing room as you learn the ins and outs of being a homeowner. You can certainly jump to the “dream home” later, but don’t make it your first move after renting.

Q: Do I have the time?

If you constantly find yourself pressed for time as a renter, it’s not going to get better when you move into a house that has maintenance and lawn care needs, which you’ll be solely responsible for.

Does your current schedule afford you the time to deal with tackling home repairs, mowing the lawn and tending to the greenery? If not, you should be very careful when you consider moving into a home, particularly one that belongs to a homeowners association.

Homeownership can be a very expensive proposition and it’s easy to make big missteps early on by jumping in before you’re financially ready. Take the time to make the right choice when it comes to the biggest financial decision of your life.

Facing Foreclosure ?

Can an Investor Buy Your Home if You’re in Foreclosure and Sell It Back to You?

Short sales fraud is rising as investors seek to profit from lender losses.

Short sales fraud is rising as investors seek to profit from lender losses.

Government initiatives have helped to facilitate widespread and legitimate alternatives to foreclosure, such as short sales. Lenders work with homeowners to sell their home for less than the balance owed and accept the sale proceeds as settlement. Homeowners in foreclosure are financially distressed and often desperate to keep their home. Investors take advantage of short sales to make money off of financially distressed homeowners by re-selling the home to them for a profit.

The Basics

Short sales take place in the pre-foreclosure stage and sometimes before the homeowner defaults. This is because the lender is convinced the homeowner’s financial circumstances will cause him to end up in foreclosure eventually. Nonetheless, convincing a lender to short sell a home is not easy. The transaction takes several months to complete, requires full documentation of the homeowner’s financial situation, marketing of the property and negotiating sales price and terms with the lender. Lenders prohibit homeowners from benefiting from the short sale by living in the home after the sale.

Mortgage Fraud

Lenders consider a homeowner who remains in the home after a short sale as a tenant or buyer a participant in mortgage fraud. When short sales rise, so does fraud, says Freddie Mac, one of the major owners of the nation’s mortgages. As a result, most lenders require homeowners to sign an Arm’s Length Affidavit, a disclosure provided to all parties to the transaction before the close of escrow. It stipulates that behind-the-scenes arrangements that allow the homeowner to benefit financially from the short sale are illegal. In a typical short sale fraud, as detailed in a CNN report, a real estate agent obtains a legitimate bid on a short-sale home. The agent sandbags the bid while presenting the bank a lower bid from an accomplice scammer. After the bank accepts the low bid, the real estate agent sells the home to the original higher bidder, thus cheating the bank and pocketing the profit.


A homeowner in foreclosure cannot afford to pay the mortgage he already has and therefore cannot acquire a new mortgage in the near future. The impact of missed payments and the short sale itself diminishes credit. Furthermore, a waiting period set by lender seasoning requirements prevents a borrower with a prior short sale from obtaining a new mortgage for at least several years. If the homeowner buys back his home with cash, the lender may consider it fraud because he claimed financial hardship before the short sale.


The real estate professional selling your home is aware of the Arm’s Length Affidavit and that he may also be held liable for any involvement or knowledge of a short sale scheme in the transaction. If an investor approaches you directly with the plan, the real estate agent is required to act in your best interest, not the investor’s, and support you in rejecting the offer.