Grays Home Solutions Recognized for Helping Local Homeowners

This father and son team means business

Grays Home Solutions helps with problem properties

Father and son Darren and Jerred Gray have launched Grays Home Solutions LLC to help in the sale of problem properties.* What led you to launch this business?

Seeing so many foreclosures in the newspaper and having had friends and family members lose their homes due to uncontrolled circumstances.

* What is unique about it?

It is free and it offers solutions to problems that others have failed to help with.

* What do you do that nobody else does?

(1) We offer a free service.

(2) We purchase homes in as little as seven days.

(3) We have options for sellers that others do not.

* Why do you believe you’ll be successful?

(1) There will always be a demand for our service.

(2) It serves the community well.

(3) It serves the well-being of ones in an unfortunate situation.

* Tell us something specific about your business field, who your customers are or how you see a new business doing in a challenging economy.

We are a local company based in Middletown and have developed a unique system to purchase “problem property” in the area — a home that is an eyesore to others and in need of repairs or the home is in a negative equity situation. Either of which the sellers want to move on with life and are having difficulty finding a buyer for the home. We offer quick and free options and can in most cases purchase these homes in seven days or less.

The challenging economy is exactly why we have developed this system where conventional thinking has failed.