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Sell My Home Fast Maryland

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Selling a home can be time consuming and stressful.  Selling under additional stress (repairs, settling an estate, needing cash for life’s unexpected turns etc.) can therefore be downright overwhelming.  Gray’s Home Solutions removes the intimidation and out-of-pocket costs from the equation resulting in an easier experience for the seller.  In addition, we sell your home fast!

Why Gray’s Home Solutions?

You have probably seen our signs and commercials.  We are reaching out to those who don’t know their options therefore ultimately feel frustrated. Traditionally, you would have to list your home with an agent or call an auction company unless you wanted the daunting challenge of selling privately. As a result, sellers often felt trapped since those options were not always best for them.  Admittedly, there are times when a listing agent is a great asset.  We have one on staff for when a traditional listing is the appropriate option for a seller.

Most importantly, as experienced home buyers, we recognize the many unique real estate needs of our sellers. As a result, over the past seven years, we have developed options and solutions for those people.  We pride ourselves in being the area’s leading company for assisting sellers with navigating the challenges they face.

There are never any fees or obligations when we review your situation.  Consequently, the seller has no added stress when contacting us to run numbers.  Especially important is the support and peace of mind we offer by helping sellers see what  decision can best benefit them.  for a no obligation analysis of your property

Gray’s Responds to sellers

We have asked people who faced foreclosure or left their house on the market for a year or more; “Why didn’t you call Gray’s Home Solutions?” Here are the most common answers we receive followed by our responses:

  • “Due to the fact I owed more than my home was worth, I assumed no one could help”
  • “My home was in terrible shape and I knew I didn’t have the means to fix it”
  • “I had no idea that there were options beyond my agent or selling privately”
    • The truth is; even agents don’t always know there are other options. They are offering their service in a professional, traditional manner but unfortunately not always yielding results. 


We really do understand the issues faced by sellers. That is exactly why we (Darren & Jerred Gray) formed Gray’s Home Solutions.    Gray’s has changed the way real estate is done.  In conclusion, we accept there will always be competitors offering real estate services. Therefore, we encourage you to compare their experience and services to ours.   We stand by our reputation and proudly boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our most recent television commercials:

-IF you would like more information on Sell my home fast Maryland, just give Gray’s Home Solutions a call at 240.347.3141 or visit the website and Listen to what others are saying

Here’s some great ways to create some space

Make It Work: Ideas for Squeezing a Little Extra Storage Out of Your Entryway

Your entryway is a tiny room (or maybe not even a room, maybe just a little spot next to the door) that does a lot of work. And now that it’s wintertime your entryway may be feeling the strain — all those coats and hats and gloves and bags and clunky winter boots and nowhere to put them. Here are a few storage ideas that will help you fit it all in — and make your entryway a little more welcoming and a little less chaotic.

Above: As this picture from Bolig proves, it’s possible to stash stuff even in a very narrow hallway. These folks used IKEA Trones shoe storage boxes, which are only seven inches deep, with oversized coat hooks above.

This hallway/entryway also makes use of wall mounted shoe storage boxes, but with a shelf mounted above to add even more storage. (The top shelf can be a little deeper because it’s above head height.) From IKEA via It’s a House.

Here’s an idea from the New York home of Ashlina Kaposta of The Decorista — mount a shelf above your doorway for extra storage.

A shelf mounted just above the floor means plenty of extra space for bags and shoes (and for a coat rack or oversized mirror above, too). Image from Char and the City.

If your home has a convenient nook like this one close to the door, you can turn it into an impromptu closet with a hanging rod. Decouvrir L’endroit du Decor

Place a second set of hooks a little lower on the wall for things belonging to the smaller members of the household, as seen on A Cup of Jo.

If your entryway is small and there isn’t a good spot for a coat rack, a freestanding hall tree could be a good solution. Image from Marie Claire Maison.

In a pinch, you can always hang a coat rack on the back of the door, as seen onFrench by Design.

Here’s a great example of using every inch of your entryway – a tiny space with a tall shelf with hooks for hanging, and a bench with even more storage underneath. From Kjerstis Lykke via Adventurous Design Quest.

No room to park your bike? Why not hang it on the wall? We’ve got a couple of roundups of wall mounted bike storage here and here. (It looks like these folks have also created an innovative system for keeping shoes off the floor, using what looks like bungee cords. Image from My Scandinavian Home.

No room for furniture in your entryway? Try a wall-mounted table like this one from Design Sponge.

This entryway from Julie Ansiau packs maximum storage with a shelf for shoes and not one but two coat racks.


What Makes Grays Home Solutions Different From Working With an Agent?

If you’re ready to sell your home quickly, Grays Home Solutions is here to help. As an experienced buyer of properties throughout Maryland, we offer an easy way to sell your home quickly with no hassle! Learn more about what makes us different from agents in this week’s blog.


Grays Home Solutions works with sellers to find the right solution for your situation.

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