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A Home Buyer in Washington County For You

Are you looking to sell your home? Can’t seem to find the right home buyer in Washington County? There are many situations in which people need to sell their homes but are unable or unwilling to go through the long process of a traditional home sale. You may be facing foreclosure and running out of time. You may have recently inherited a piece of property that you don’t want. If you need a buyer who can act fast, you won’t find one through a realtor, or even a short sale (which actually isn’t as short as the name implies). Fortunately, even though traditional routes won’t work in these kinds of situations, there are still options available to you.


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Two Reasons Bankruptcy Might Not Stop Foreclosure in Maryland

If you’re facing foreclosure in Maryland, one option you might be considering is bankruptcy. You might have heard that going into bankruptcy will delay a foreclosure, or help you keep your home. However, the reality is that bankruptcy might not work out as you’d anticipated. In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about bankruptcy as a method of avoiding foreclosure, and how it might not stop a foreclosure.


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We Buy Ugly Homes that Need TLC in West Virginia

Do you own an ugly, rundown home in West Virginia? Is your home in need of repairs that you’re unable to make? Are you wanting to sell your home, but doubtful that anyone would buy it in the condition it’s in? While it’s true that a lot of people won’t buy a damaged or ugly home, we’re not just any home buyer. Learn more about how to sell your ugly home that needs TLC in West Virginia in our blog.



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