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How to Sell Your Home Fast and For Cash in Maryland

Do you live in Maryland and need to sell your home fast and for cash? Many Marylanders find themselves in this situation. Whether it’s because of foreclosure, inheritance of a property, or the desire to make a quick move, the need is the same. It might seem impossible to do this given the slowness of traditional real estate sales, and even short sales, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not. If you need to sell your home fast and for cash in Maryland, there are solutions available that can make this happen for you. Here’s how it works.

How to Sell Your Home Fast and For Cash in Maryland

  1. First, you come to us with the home you need to sell.
  2. We will make you an offer on the home, no matter what condition it’s in. Even if it needs extensive repairs and hasn’t gotten the attention it needs in years, we will make an offer on any home.
  3. If you accept the offer, we will pay you cash for your home in Maryland. No checks, no money orders, just cash in hand. Also, we won’t charge you any fees.
  4. The whole process takes less than a week altogether. We’re dedicated to two things: buying your home in Maryland fast and for cash. We realize that many people need a solution that includes both of these things, which is why we strive to provide this service to homeowners.

It’s as simple as that. In less than a week’s time, you can sell your home in Maryland, and walk away from the deal with cash in hand. To sum up, let’s do a quick recap of the advantages of working with Grays Home Solutions.

sell home fast cash Maryland

The Advantages of Working with Grays Home Solutions

Sell Your Home For Cash – We always pay cash, and only cash, for the homes we buy in Maryland.

Sell Your Home Fast – We’ll make an offer on your home and complete the transaction in a week or less.

No repairs – When we buy your home, you don’t need to do any repairs. None whatsoever.

No fees – You pay no fees when you work with us.

Experience – Grays Home Solutions is an experienced and local home buyer. We’ve bought homes in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania from homeowners who needed a solution that others couldn’t offer. When you work with us, you benefit from our experience.

To learn more about selling your home fast and for cash in Maryland, contact us today. And don’t forget that if you know someone who needs to sell their home, you can get a healthy paycheck for referring a sale that goes through. Talk to us today for more information.

Maryland Remains a Great Place for Real Estate Investment

Maryland remains one of the best states in the country for investing in real estate and flipping homes. According to the real estate research firm RealtyTrac, half of the 10 best counties for flipping homes are in Maryland. The firm defines best counties for flipping by the return on investment that home flippers in the county have achieved. The Baltimore Business Journal elaborates on how the firm got their numbers:

RealtyTrac counted flipped homes as single-family homes that sold between April 2013 and March and had also been sold within the prior six months. For counties to make the list, they had to have at least 100 single-family homes flipped during the previous year, fetching an average gross return of at least 30 percent. The counties also needed to have unemployment rates below the national average. 

Counties in Maryland that made the top 10 were:

1st – Prince George’s County: 546 homes flipped, 83.4% gross return on investment

3rd – Baltimore County: 546 homes flipped, 70.8% gross ROI

6th – St. Mary’s County: 321 homes flipped, 48.7% gross ROI

7th – Anne Arundel County: 146 homes flipped, 47.6% gross ROI

10th – Montgomery County: 179 homes flipped, 38.9% gross ROI

“Montgomery County homes are flipping for an average of $482,969 (after an original sale price of $347,682), the highest average price fetched for flipped homes in the U.S.,” according to the BBJ. Several counties in Western Maryland averaged a gross ROI of between 30 – 59.99 percent, including Carroll, Frederick, Washington, and Allegheny County. Many areas in Maryland’s neighbor to the north, Pennsylvania are returning at least 30%, including the southwestern and south central portions of the state. The areas area Pittsburgh, York, and Philadelphia are all seeing an average ROI of at least 60%.

Foreclosure rates also remain high in Maryland, creating an ideal landscape for home flippers. The state remains number three in the country for foreclosure rates. Foreclosures in August increased 20% year-over-year, and were up 71 percent from July. July also marked two straight years of rising foreclosure rates in the state.

invest real estate

If you’re interested in learning more about investing in real estate in Maryland and the tri-state area, Grays Home Solutions can help. Contact us today to learn about our available properties in the area, and how to get started on this great opportunity.



Six Tips for Fixing Up an Investment Property

Investors everywhere are finding great opportunities in real estate, which is why investing in real estate has increased substantially over the past few years. Low-cost properties offer the opportunity for investors to buy low and flip the property for a healthy profit, if done right. There are a few guidelines for fixing up these kinds of investment properties in order to maximize their appeal to the buyer while maintaining a healthy profit margin. Finding the right balance here is key. Let’s talk about some strategies you can use when fixing up an investment property to maximize the margin.

fixer upper

Six Tips for Fixing Up an Investment Property

Do your homework on the neighborhood.

You want to make upgrades that bring the property in line with others in the neighborhood. If it doesn’t meet the standards of the average property in the area, you won’t attract buyers. The same goes for upgrades that are high above the standards of other properties in the area. A good example is the home’s cooling system. If window units are the standard in the area, you won’t earn back the money you invest in central air conditioning. On the other hand, if central air is the standard, anything less than this is going to turn buyers off.

Out of sight? Not out of mind.

While you’ll want to focus on making the house look as attractive as possible to the buyer, make sure to place the same amount of effort into what goes on behind the scenes. Plumbing, heating, cooling, electricity, and wiring are essential components of a home that you don’t want to skimp on. If any one of these systems needs work, the best thing to do is to hire a licensed contractor. This ensures the work will be done correctly and to code.

Give high-traffic rooms plenty of attention.

The two most used rooms in the house are the kitchen and the bathroom, so devote plenty of time and resources to bringing these rooms up to the standard of the market in the area. A good way to find out what similar homes in the area look like on the inside is to attend a few local open houses.

Sweat the small stuff.

With investment properties you want to make improvements that will return at least twice what you put in. Expensive upgrades like new windows aren’t likely to do this. But small upgrades will. Things like fresh coats of paint, new doorknobs, new cabinet pulls, and new faucets can help you get the return on investment you’re looking for.

Don’t forget the flooring.

If the flooring is carpet, it’s most likely seen the best of its days and is worth replacing. If carpeted floors are the standard in the area, then go with carpet. But, you might find there’s a nice hardwood floor underneath the old carpet that’s worth refinishing. Hardwood floors are always in demand, and refinishing an old hardwood floor can help boost the value of your home.

Boost curb appeal too.

Before a potential buyer even walks in the door, their first impression of your house will be of the outside. Put your best foot forward by cleaning the siding, mowing the grass, and taking care of a neglected landscape.


How a Fast Home Sale for Cash in the Tri-State Area Can Help You

Do you find yourself in a situation in which you need to sell your home fast and for cash in the tri-state area? Grays Home Solutions can help. No matter what kind of situation you may be facing, we can act fast to get you the solution you need. As a home buyer in the tri-state area, we buy homes fast and for cash to help homeowners. If you are:

Facing Foreclosure?

We can help. Foreclosure is something that no homeowner wants to face, but if it does happen, you want to find a way out that is fast but also makes sense. We will buy your home within 7 days and pay for your home in cash. When other options just aren’t working, selling your home fast and for cash could be the answer you’re looking for to deal with foreclosure.

Inheriting a Property?

Maybe you’ve recently inherited a property that you don’t want or don’t need. What could be easier than selling it fast and for cash? If you barely have enough room on your plate as it is, inheriting property can be a big extra hassle. Take care of it fast and easily by selling it for cash.

Behind on Repairs?

Maybe you’re behind on repairs on the property and it’s starting to show, or maybe it’s becoming a big inconvenience. The costs for repairing a home can quickly spiral out of control, even if you attempt to do it yourself. And if you can’t do it yourself, contractors will surely charge you a lot. If your home needs more repairs than you’re able to provide, we can help. We make an offer on all properties, no matter what condition they’re in. Leave the repairs to us, we’ll take care of them once the transaction is complete.

Making a Quick Move?

If you find yourself needing to move fast, you probably don’t have time to sell your home by traditional means. With us, you can sell your home in a week, and get the cash you need to put towards your move. Don’t let your property hold you back from making the move you need to make. Sell your home fast and for cash in the tri-state area with Grays Home Solutions.

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For more information on selling your home fast and for cash, contact Grays Home Solutions today. We are a free service and we are here to help.

Sell Your Home Fast and For Cash in Martinsburg

How can you sell your home fast and for cash in Martinsburg? Some would say it can’t be done, but Grays Home Solutions isn’t among them. We specialize in fast home sales for cash in Martinsburg and throughout the tri-state area. How can we help you? Read on to find out.

Your Martinsburg Home Buyer: Grays Home Solutions

As a home buyer in Martinsburg, West Virginia, Grays Home Solutions has experience with buying homes fast. How fast? We’ll purchase your home in 7 days or less. That’s not an estimate, it’s a guarantee. And another guarantee we make is that we’ll pay for your home in nothing but cash. No checks, just one lump sum of cash for your home.

So you can sell you home fast and for cash in Martinsburg? There must be a catch right? No. We are here because we recognize that many homeowners are looking for a solution that can’t be found from traditional real estate outlets. We purchase your home fast and for cash because we know that there are situations in which this is the only solution that will work for you. We’re a free service, and we’re here to help.

Our service also features a few additional benefits that we offer to make the process of selling your home for cash in Martinsburg as easy as possible. First of all, we charge you no fees. Second, you don’t have to make any repairs on your home before selling it to us. No matter what shape your home is in, we will make you an offer. We’ll take care of the repairs on our time after the transaction is complete.

sell home for cash Martinsburg

Sell Your Home Fast and For Cash in Martinsburg

No matter when or why you need to sell your home, Grays Home Solutions is a home buyer in Martinsburg who can make it happen, and make it happen fast. Whether you’re facing foreclosure, selling off an inherited property, going through a divorce, or behind on repairs, it doesn’t matter. Don’t wait. Talk to us today to find the solution you’ve been looking for.