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Maryland Remains a Great Place for Real Estate Investment

Maryland remains one of the best states in the country for investing in real estate and flipping homes. According to the real estate research firm RealtyTrac, half of the 10 best counties for flipping homes are in Maryland. The firm defines best counties for flipping by the return on investment that home flippers in the county have achieved. The Baltimore Business Journal elaborates on how the firm got their numbers:

RealtyTrac counted flipped homes as single-family homes that sold between April 2013 and March and had also been sold within the prior six months. For counties to make the list, they had to have at least 100 single-family homes flipped during the previous year, fetching an average gross return of at least 30 percent. The counties also needed to have unemployment rates below the national average. 

Counties in Maryland that made the top 10 were:

1st – Prince George’s County: 546 homes flipped, 83.4% gross return on investment

3rd – Baltimore County: 546 homes flipped, 70.8% gross ROI

6th – St. Mary’s County: 321 homes flipped, 48.7% gross ROI

7th – Anne Arundel County: 146 homes flipped, 47.6% gross ROI

10th – Montgomery County: 179 homes flipped, 38.9% gross ROI

“Montgomery County homes are flipping for an average of $482,969 (after an original sale price of $347,682), the highest average price fetched for flipped homes in the U.S.,” according to the BBJ. Several counties in Western Maryland averaged a gross ROI of between 30 – 59.99 percent, including Carroll, Frederick, Washington, and Allegheny County. Many areas in Maryland’s neighbor to the north, Pennsylvania are returning at least 30%, including the southwestern and south central portions of the state. The areas area Pittsburgh, York, and Philadelphia are all seeing an average ROI of at least 60%.

Foreclosure rates also remain high in Maryland, creating an ideal landscape for home flippers. The state remains number three in the country for foreclosure rates. Foreclosures in August increased 20% year-over-year, and were up 71 percent from July. July also marked two straight years of rising foreclosure rates in the state.

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If you’re interested in learning more about investing in real estate in Maryland and the tri-state area, Grays Home Solutions can help. Contact us today to learn about our available properties in the area, and how to get started on this great opportunity.



The Impact of Investors on the Housing Market

The housing market is recovering slowly but surely, in no small part because of the efforts of investors who see the value in homes that others may overlook. In Maryland especially, these kinds of homes are becoming a common sight as foreclosure rates continue to rise. Maryland has the third highest foreclosure rate in the nation according to RealtyTrac, and as a backlog of foreclosures continues to make its way through the judicial system, it’s unlikely this trend will change anytime soon.


However, smart investors see the possibilities presented by these properties, and by investing in them they help not only themselves, but the entire market. First, they take a rundown property off the market. This helps the market from becoming saturated with these kinds of properties, which helps keep property values from getting too low. Investors also create work for the construction industry by enlisting contractors to fix up rundown homes. They create work for agents to sell these properties, and opportunities for families looking for quality and affordable housing. Finally, by returning a great home to the market, investors bring up the value of other homes in the area, which can revitalize a stagnating neighborhood. With the efforts of investors, formerly distressed properties that brought the market down can be used to bring it back up again.


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If you’re looking to invest in low-cost properties with lots of earning potential, we can help. Gray’s Home Solutions has properties of all types across the state of Maryland. Contact us for a full list of properties. Even if you’re not looking to buy right now, you can participate in our sellers referral program. Here’s how it works. Send us the phone number and property address for a For Sale By Owner or vacant property. We’ll take a look, and if we buy the property we’ll pay you $250 as a thank you for providing the lead.

Are you interested in learning more about selling your home fast? Our ebook has a ton of great information for you. We also have an ebook with information on how to avoid foreclosure, available for download here. They’re both free, so give them a look. You can also connect with Grays Home Solutions on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and LinkedIn for more real estate made simple.



A Few Interesting Real Estate Facts

The real estate market can sometimes be a bunch of white elephants in what seems like a desert. It is certainly a volatile thing. Homes can go unsold for months, sometimes even years. There’s no predicting where and why a home will sell. There are also a lot of weird ritual and facts that go along with real estate that you may have not known about.

  • Red doors for a paid mortgage – Homeowners who live in Scotland paint their doors red when they pay off their mortgage. In America, painting your door red used to mean that your house was a safe place to stay for travelers who were stopping for the night. Red doors usually carry a lot of symbolism and sometimes homeowners paint their doors red for Christmas.
  • Gas range stoves last the longest – Out of all the kitchen appliances, gas range stoves last the longest. Their average is 15 years, with electric stoves and refrigerators coming in close behind at 13 years, respectfully. So it might actually pay to use gas!
  • Harlingen, Texas is the cheapest place to live in the U.S. – According to the The Harlingen Economic Development Corporation Board, Harlingen, TX is the cheapest place to live in the entire United States. Average monthly rent comes in at about $640 while the average median home price sits at around $218,554. They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but they never mentioned how cheap it was to live there.

Grays Home Solutions Real Estate Facts

  • Brass Doorknobs can disinfect themselves – Also known as “the Oligodynamic Effect,” doorknobs that are made of brass, copper, aluminum, iron, lead and silver are able to kill bacteria. It takes them about eight hours to disinfect themselves. Stainless steel and aluminum doorknobs do not disinfect themselves the same way.
  • A third of home buyers want a separate shower – About one third of new home buyers want a shower that is separate in their master bathroom. It isn’t as make or break as having a garage attached to the house is, but it certainly factors into a buying decision.
  • You can live in an old missile silo – For old missile silos that are no longer in use, it is often useful to turn those spaces into a home. It isn’t a very pretty home, but it’s functional and is definitely livable.

Those are just a few fun facts from the wild and wonderful world of real estate. There are plenty of strange and interesting things happening in real estate every day. If you’d like to learn more about real estate or if you have a home that you’d like to sell, call Grays Home Solutions today! Call us at 240-347-3141

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Benefits of Working with Investors: What Grays Home Solutions Can Do For You

Investing in a home by yourself can be a stressful process. So can selling a home that you no longer want to live in. No matter what role you play in the buying or selling process, there are a lot of stressors that can make the whole process difficult. There’s a way to simplify dealing with buying or selling a house: work with Grays Home Solutions.

If you’re an agent, working with investors such as Grays Home Solutions can help you get that “unsellable” home off your hands. Although we’re not licensed real estate agents and we’re not affiliated with any real estate firm, we know the business and are professionals. So unlike a typical buyer, we won’t ask you for any of the support or “hand-holding” that can be so time-consuming when working with non-professionals. We’ll help you get that “white elephant,” the one home that you can’t seem to get rid of sold.

If you’re a buyer looking for a property to invest in, Grays Home Solutions can help you find great properties and deals that you might not find otherwise. We do all of the difficult footwork and provide you with fantastic leads that you can invest your money in. And not only will you be able to invest your money, but you’ll see great returns on those investments as well.

Grays Home Solutions Getting Homes Sold

And if you’re trying to sell your home? Grays Home Solutions can help with that, too. We will buy your home – no matter what shape its in – with lightning speed and save you all of the time and money that is usually spent listing it with a real estate agent. If you have to leave for whatever reason, we can buy your home and leave you worry free and able to go wherever you please.

As investors, Grays Home Solutions make repairs to the homes we buy. These repairs, in turn, make the home look better and improve the quality of the neighborhoods that these homes are located in. This raises the property values and brings a certain level of greatness to the neighborhood as a whole. We greatly improve the homes that we buy, we don’t just purchase them and let them fall to ruin.

Grays Home Solutions: we cover it all, no matter where you are in the home buying or selling process. We’re professionals with the experience to aid you in navigating this difficult home market.

If you have a house that is in need of repairs and that you wish to sell, don’t hesitate to contact Grays Home Solutions. Use our fast response form and we’ll reply to you as quickly as possible.

We also have a sellers referral program! All you have to do is send us the telephone number and property address for every For Sale By Owner or vacant house you can find. Or if you know someone who has a house for sale, send us their information. If we buy the house we’ll pay you $250 just for providing the lead!

To learn more about how to sell your home in days instead of months, please download our ebook today! Or learn about our super easy referral system that benefits sellers and buyers!

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Are You a Homeowner Who Needs to Sell Their Home? Let Grays Home Solutions Help!

Reports have shown that Maryland has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation . From April 2012, Maryland home foreclosure rates rose 199 percent, bringing Maryland to the 7th highest foreclosure rate in the country. Maryland’s trends are going against national foreclosure trend, which found a 23.3 percent decline from the previous year with one out of every 905 homes in the U.S. entering foreclosure. Maryland’s own foreclosure rate saw a 154.3 foreclosure rate rise since April 2012.

More Maryland homes just aren’t foreclosing, they’re also sitting on the market for a long time. Although reports indicate that time is getting less and less, with the average time for a home being sold in the Baltimore area being 36 days. This is down from 64 days a home would sit on the market in 2012. For areas outside the Baltimore, the time that homes are sitting on the market is even higher. In Washington County, the average time is 110 days. And in Frederick County, the average time a home is on the market is 70 days.

Grays Home Solutions Homeowners

No matter how you look at it, if you’re a homeowner with a home you’re looking to sell for whatever reason, you’ll have to wait at least a month before its sold. And maybe you have circumstances that cause you to need your home sold immediately. Putting your home on the market won’t get it sold the fastest way possible. That’s where Grays Home Solutions comes in. We make quick property purchases and can buy your home in as little as 7 days.

If you don’t have any equity, are behind on your mortgage payments or have a job transfer where you can’t wait around for your house to sell. If you want to get rid of your home immediately, Grays Home Solutions is here to help. If you’re in danger of foreclosure, you could ruin your credit for years. By using Grays Home Solutions services, your credit will remain unharmed.Listing your home with an agent when you’re in financial trouble can cost you in more ways than one and a short sale may be the only option, in which your credit will still take a hit. Grays Home Solutions specializes in Immediate Debt Relief and will purchase your home in a time frame that works best for you. Preserve your credit and remember You will never be charged one red cent for our services.

What do you have to lose? Call us today and lets discuss your situation.

If you have a distressed property, whether the outside cosmetics are in poor shape or if the interior or equity is ruined on it, call Grays Home Solutions.

We’re not licensed real estate agents and we’re not affiliated with any real estate firm, but we know the business inside and out. So unlike a typical buyer, we won’t ask you for any of the support or “hand-holding” that can be so time-consuming when working with non-professionals. Just call us with the lead, then sit back and wait for your check.

To learn more about how to sell your home in days instead of months, please download our ebook today! Or learn about our super easy referral system that benefits sellers and buyers!

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Retirement Savings Problems? Invest in a Home with Gray’s Home Solutions

Are you worried about the state of your retirement plan? The Employee Benefit Research Institute recently found that Americans’ confidence in their ability to retire comfortably is stagnant at historically low levels. And that just 14 percent are very confident they will have enough money to live comfortably in retirement.

Both Forbes and TIME Magazine have discussed a sort of retirement savings crisis that is sweeping the country. Forbes called the amount of money that Americans are putting aside for retirement “pathetic” and that the amounts they saw on average for retirees will not leave an individual or household with anywhere near enough money to fund anything but “the most penurious of retirement lifestyles.” TIME reported this trend as “a retirement savings crisis in the U.S. that is prompting millions of people to plan to work longer in order to make ends meet when they finally call it quits.” So, if the outlook is so bleak, what are the alternatives?

One alternative is investing in a home. With Gray’s Home Solutions, we can help you invest in a property and help make your retirement funds work for you. As real estate investors, you can partner with us and build your financial future tax-free or at the very least tax deferred. And you’ll begin to see returns on your real estate investments through interest payments.


Whether you have a retirement fund, cash or no cash but good credit, Gray’s Home Solutions can help you invest your money in a home that will allow you to live a lifestyle that traditional 401(k)s and other retirement savings methods might not be able to provide you with. We buy homes quickly and with no fees to you. We are not real estate agents and there is no pre-approval process; just a home that you invest in and gain interest from. You can create your own secure financial future by investing in a home through Gray’s Home Solutions.

And if you’re looking to sell a property, it’s pretty simple: real estate investors make your life easy by purchasing your property quickly. We handle all of the paperwork and make all of the arrangements. You will get a no hassle closing, with no cost to you. It doesn’t matter if your house is in perfect shape, needs repairs, is vacant, or neglected, we can buy it fast. Grays Home Solutions will buy your home in days, not months: give us a call at 240-347-3141.

To learn more about how to sell your home in days instead of months, please download our ebook today! Or learn about our super easy referral system that benefits sellers and buyers!

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