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How To Turn a Fixer Upper into a Great Deal

Many people are quick to judge a house based on its appearance. And while it’s true that many of the homes we offer need some work done, it’s also true that behind a tired exterior, they have a lot of potential. And while others might pass this opportunity by after determining that they’d never live there after a quick glance, those who see this potential see the chance to make huge profits.

Here’s an example that shows the numbers really do add up. We recently had a home with an asking price of $50,000 and in need of repairs, estimated at about $30,000. Fixed up, the house was worth $190,000. We have private money which you can borrow for around 8%, which would allow you to make an interest only payment until the home was repaired and sold. Four months is sufficient for this process. This means you would have a $533 payment for 4 months, which adds up to $2,132. For $2,132, you could have purchased the home, directed subcontractors to do the repair work, resold the home, and made close to $108,000. Making over $100k in 4 months time with 8 months remaining in the year to live off your profits is absolutely a great deal.

Grays Home Solutions has nice homes in move-in condition for sale, and you don’t have to qualify for the loan. Just come up with a small down payment, pay no closing cost, no fees, and the home is yours. The rest is up to you. You can move in to the home, rent to others for positive cash flow, or resell for profit after the market has recovered. We find the deals for you, get you the financing, and you make the money. It really is that simple. You can contact us at any time to discuss a plan that will turn that fixer upper into success and wealth for you.


If you’re looking to invest in low-cost properties with lots of earning potential, we can help. Gray’s Home Solutions has properties of all types across the state of Maryland. Contact us for a full list of properties. Even if you’re not looking to buy right now, you can participate in our sellers referral program. Here’s how it works. Send us the phone number and property address for a For Sale By Owner or vacant property. We’ll take a look, and if we buy the property we’ll pay you $250 as a thank you for providing the lead.

Are you interested in learning more about selling your home fast? Our ebook has a ton of great information for you. We also have an ebook with information on how to avoid foreclosure, available for download here. They’re both free, so give them a look. You can also connect with Grays Home Solutions on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and LinkedIn for more real estate made simple.