What is a Deficiency Judgment?

A deficiency judgment is a legal process that can occur either after a foreclosure, or after a short sale. Basically, a lender can use a deficiency judgment to attempt to get the rest of the money they are owed that they didn’t get from a foreclosure or short sale. For example, if a property is worth $150,000, and it was sold at a short sale for $100,000, the lender can file a deficiency judgment to try to get the remaining $50,000 of the property’s value. The lender has to go through the court system and file a lawsuit to do this, and if it is successful, your wages can be garnished or bank account levied as a means of paying back the remainder of the loan.

Many states prohibit lenders from filing deficiency judgments after a foreclosure, and three states prohibit them after a short sale. However, Maryland does not prevent deficiency judgments after foreclosures nor short sales. A lender can seek a deficiency judgment up to three years after a foreclosure.

So how do you prevent the lender from seeking a deficiency judgment? One option is to negotiate with the lender during the short sale process. You can attempt to get them to waive their right to seek judgment or, if they refuse, you can try to make a settlement offer of a smaller amount. The lender may be willing to do this because collecting a deficiency judgment is both time consuming and costly. A more risky option is to take the chance that, because of the difficulty of the process for the lender, they may decide not to sue you for deficiency. They may send you letters demanding payment, but they can’t actually freeze your bank account or garnish your wages unless they file a suit.




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