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Don’t Let Your Foreclosure Become a Zombie Foreclosure

Zombies have always been a part of popular culture. In recent years, zombie films, television shows and movies have become extremely prevelant in mainstream media. With the upcoming release of films such as World War Z, zombies are more popular than ever. Zombies have now made their way  into real estate by way of “zombie foreclosures.”

A zombie foreclosure is when a homeowner receives a foreclosure notice and simply packs up and leaves the property figuring the bank will take care of the rest. What the homeowner doesn’t realize, however, is that more often than not the bank doesn’t follow through on the process. The property is then still attached to the homeowner’s name and they’re still responsible for the property taxes.

According to RealtyTrac, there are about 302,000 zombie foreclosures. When a zombie foreclosure happens, often the house falls into disrepair and is neglected. The lawn isn’t mowed, the outside of the home starts to fall apart and it causes the value of homes in the neighborhood to plummet. Statistically, Florida led the nation in zombie foreclosures with about 91,000 homes. After Florida on the rankings was Illinois, with 31,668, and third was California, with 28,821.

Grays Home Solutions Zombie Forclosures

The nationwide average for these zombie foreclosures is about 35 percent. These properties in the foreclosure process were flagged as vacant or were identified as a situation where the homeowner in foreclosure had moved out.

Don’t let your home become a zombie foreclosure. Sell your home to Grays Home Solutions. No matter what your situation is, we can help. If you have a job transfer, are going through a divorce or have to move to a new area for any reason, Grays Home Solutions will take your home off your hands so it doesn’t end up a zombie foreclosure. Best of all, our service is free. You won’t have to pay a single penny to get your home sold in as little as a week.

There are no long months of waiting and you won’t have to abandon your home and let it become a zombie property. Let Grays Home Solutions take charge of the situation no matter what condition your home is in. We buy homes at no cost to the homeowner in almost any condition. So, avoid the zombie foreclosure trap and go with Grays.

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